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  • Project name: Vee Villa
  • Location: Vadodara, Gujarat
  • Type: Residential, Bunglow
  • Chief Designer: Mrs. Priyanka Choksi
  • Photographs Credits: Rohan Patel
  • Year: 2022

The design of this villa in a plot area of around 6400 sq. ft. keeping in mind, the elegant view, contemporary theme and classic look. It is located at the most developing area of the Vadodara city - Sevasi. The site is surrounded by ample greenery providing peace and calmness from the eventful life of the town.

The designer, Priyanka Choksi designed the owner’s description into a tangible reality that can be cherished over time. From overall design to minute details, the house designed by Viviana Interio metamorphizes into fresh and clutter-free design.

Out of total plot area 0f 6400 sq. ft., plinth area is of 2200 Sq. ft. comprising of a Living room, Kitchen, Dining area, one Guest bedroom on the ground floor, one master bedroom, one kid's bedroom, one guest bedroom, and pooja space accommodated on the first floor and one master bedroom with gazebo sitting on the second floor. The area of about 4200 Sq. ft. is covered with Landscaping, kitchen garden, fruit garden and swimming pool.

On the ground floor, the foyer walls and main door is designed with raw wood and brass. Ground floor flooring is of Italian stone. The grey Italian marble is continued in the living room with brass inlay in the flooring. Island kitchen platform is provided. In between the living room and kitchen, there is a double heightened ceiling where an elegant customized chandelier is placed.

On the first floor, the flooring material is black slatestone which provided warmth inside the house. The floor comprises the master bedroom, kids bedroom, second guest bedroom, and mandir. All the spaces showcase their individuality, yet are conjunct. Simplicity in the ceiling and embellishments on the walls makes the space more mature and unique.

The second floor is a private zone composed of a grand master bedroom with a gazebo sitting. The bed is made up of hand-carved wood. The perfect details superiorities the room feel. The bathroom has an island dressing console with a round hanging mirror.

All the materials such as stone, fabric, veneer, laminate and wood are handpicked for the client.

The twilight view sets the mood of the evening with revolving bricks and handcrafted bells providing soft chimes along with the birds chirping.

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